Hyewon Sin, Yunbok,
Album of Genre Paintings by Hyewon

(혜원 신윤복, 혜원전신첩)

Korean National Treasure No. 135

Better known by his pen name Hyewon, Sin Yunbok was the elder son of famous court painter Sin Hanpyeong. Excelling at illustrating human figures, he boldly depicted alluring woman in defiance of taboos despite his position as a reputable court painter.

This collection is unequivocally the finest of Sin’s known works, comprising 30 genre paintings of people in 18th century Hanyang (present day Seoul).

Each painting portrays their complex emotion and physical beauty across various situations in meticulous detail.

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6~26 April 2022

Six Types of NFTs

  • Type 1

    Full Painting

    30 NFTs

    Quantity: only one per NFT

  • Type 2

    Body Shot

    80~100 NFTs

    Quantity: 10 per NFT

  • Type 3

    Bust Shot

    80~100 NFTs

    Quantity: 10 per NFT

  • Type 4

    Head Shot

    80~100 NFTs

    Quantity: 10 per NFT

  • Type 5

    Face Shot

    80~100 NFTs

    Quantity: 10 per NFT

  • Type 6

    Object Shot

    80~100 NFTs

    Quantity: 10 per NFT

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About Kansong Art Museum

Opening in 1938 as the first modern private museum in Korea, Kansong Art Museum (KAM) is of unparalleled repute to count among the top three Korean institutions of its kind.

The Kansong Collection comprises Korean antique art across the spectrum of stone works, metal works, ceramics, paintings, and antique books from the 6th to early 20th century. Established during the Japanese colonial era, KAM is also known for its founding principle “Munwhaboguk” – preserving the national spirit through culture.

KAM’s founder Kansong Chun Hyung-pil was one of the most famous art collectors in Korean history, regarded as the guardian of Korean cultural heritage for his pioneering work under and against Japan’s colonial rule.

KAM’s signature collections include: Hunmin-jeongeum, the original textbook of Korean alphabets (UNESCO’s memory of the world, Korean National Treasure no. 70); Celadon Prunus Vase with inlaid cloud and crane design (Korean National Treasure no. 68), and Album of Genre Paintings by Hyewon (Korean National Treasure no. 135).

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